Assemble your Zero cost, Zero programming, no time, reservation & check-in system

Mohamed Abogazia
3 min readMay 27, 2020

we’ve all been through these long boring lines of waiting to check-in for a conference or any event with a large number of audience, We at Ebtsama faced that problem and we tried to solve it as cheap as possible since we’re a charity and we came up with one that’s totally free and very effective and high quilty only by assembling a number of free products.

What do you need to have?

1- A mobile phone (tested only on android)

2- A laptop only to prepare the system before the event, you won’t use it on-site.

Building blocks:

1- Eventbrite

2-Memento Database

3- Google sheets

4- (optional)

Assembling the system:

first, you need to signup on Eventribute if you’re not already and create the event
creating an even on Eventribute is very straight forward you will just fill in some information about the even.

Eventribute new event

notice: if your event is free of charge you can customize your registration application with no fees, extra fees are added if the event is paid.

after you published the events and got some registrations (if not, make a test registration yourself), we want to transfer the data of the attendees to the database app in order to be able to register them using only a mobile phone:

navigate to the event dashboard ->manage attendees -> attendee list

Choose to generate Full Attendee Report

customize your report

now click on show columns to customize your report

choose the information that you need to know when you’re registering your attendee, remember we need to make them check-in quickly so choose only critical info. you must choose Barcode Number

now save your report and Export it in Excel form

note: exporting didn’t work on google chrome for me so I just used Microsoft edge

now you need to create a library on Memento Database that matches the fields you chose for your report (aka first name, last name, barcode, etc..)

now you need to sync the library with google sheets

now navigate to your google sheets, you’ll find a sheet that’s named after your memento library with its columns named after the fields you chose previously in your report, now you just need to fill the info of your attendees in these columns, you can choose it in one of 2 ways

1- manually copy and paste the values from the report to the database sheet

2- automate it with (but you will have only limited free registrations. and by the time I made that system, it was in beta so it wasn’t reliable )

when you’re done sync the database again and you should find the info of you’re attendees present in your database app

all you have to do now is sync the QR code from the attendee ticket and you will have all the information he filled present on your phone.

you can link every attendee to an item, in our case we were registering books and linking them too who borrowed it

that’s it, you have a free, fast, high-quality system in your hands

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